ROCKST*R (blenderboi) wrote,

You cna't fix Stupid!

And God Don't Liek Ugly!

I never update this anymore, so I thought with all this free time I have off I'd finally give a lil update to say hey to everyone in LJ world!!  I'm sorry I've neglected you all... LJ has been with me through SO SO Much!   I don't even know what I've said in the past few posts, actually.. nothing important I'm sure.  ;)

I still work at Express in the mall... and I also work for Luxottica... @k@ Sunglass Hut!  That has to be one of the most broing jobs b/c I can't do anything half the time but sit there and try on sunglasses-which of course makes it all worth it!  Haha, at least I get paid.... just liek Express when I work there, in the mornings I get SUPER boring.  I am a seasoned employee there now.... which means I've been there w/o quitting or getting fired-hehe!  I love Express most days... mainly its the people, we just got a new Store Manager and he seems really nice and understanding about our 'slower' sales days.  Come by GIFTCARDS from me... and get a CREDIT CARD!  You know you want it... YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!   

I need to go back to Pittsburgh its been a while since I've visited!   I need it.   But, I've been to Charlotte, NC- I loves loves it there!  Ph, and Parkersburg a few times... and yeah COLUMBUS!! Haha!  Columbus, OH was fun lots of crazy people... drunk people... gay people who liek to shop in over-priced stores... I'd fit in SO SO well, hah!!   Its almost Thanksgiving... I still live at home which sucks b/c y'know I've been kicked out TWICE now, so its more liek I just live in my room and avoid the household as much as I can... minus Abbey I take care of her... she needs a bath right now, too!  Oh... blah and she's getting so so big and needs spayed.

I don't really have anything important to say except my usual try my MySpace if ya really need anything- haha I do continue to read my friends list, so don't fell left out!  Still loves!

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