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iPods & Fish

No, unfortunately this doesn't have much to do with the Apple iPod or the iFish (which, I want both...)  [not only for the convienance, durability, and the pretty lights].  

Rather, this has to do with this;
Decades after the famed Tennessee trial concerning evolution, Kansas Board of Education is STILL debating this issue.  Not for the first time, but FOURTH in eight years.

iPods, fish, turles, finches,  monkies, & Mayhem!  Who would think that even today this would still be debated at the educational level.  I understand debating it say liek as grown-ups in a discussion/heated arguement.  But, in teaching our kids... what is this?  I don't want ot bash anyone's beliefs in any way, let me say that now.  But really, in HS I was all about believing the Bible and not evolution, than magically one day POOF haha I became enlightened and was liek "Helllooo evolution!"  I was taught evolution in High School and it just made SO much more sense, and could be proven!  
The biological proof and aspects of evolution far away some passage that said "was created."  Sure, someone had to create everything in teh beginning, but really... just looka t the average height/age of man 300years ago.  I, at 6'5" would be a freak of nature, Jolly the Green Giant (granted I'm still tall now, lol). But wasn't the average male height liek 5'something?  Now it's liek 5'10", I think.  Ok, don't hold em to these facts b/c I did absolutely NO research before writing this! (*thats where the asterick comes in*).  ** (lots of them**, place accordingly*)
What is it with Kansas that they cannot teach evolution?  I, personally think that would just set a student BACK in their education.  Say they moved out of state, or went to college out of state where evolution is taught?!  They'd get there and be behind and liek "WTF is this?!?"  Monkeys turning into homo sapieans?!  Fish developing legs?!?  They'd think they landed on the SciFi channel!!  
I only think it's FAIR to a students education to teach evolution.  So many people in the US know "and God created man."  (I'm not saying he didn't).  Think about that, the Bible to some people is either strict interpretation or loose, just liek the US Constitution.  Going out on a limb here, who says that God didn't create man to evolve after so long?  What if those anscestors they dig up are man who just didn't look liek us yet, I know when I do projects I never turn in my frough draft (time crunch, permitting... but on that, God is god, he didn't have a deadline, lol... and if He did... he'd juust freeze time, or kill his professor-either way, lol...) It's just that to me, proof is SO overwhelming that I can't comprehend NOT teaching evolution.  I'm not saying everyone has to believe it, BUT, at least it's being taught!

Even today as we go about our normal lives we see evolution.  We see that those albino moose in Canada don't live as long (natural selection)!  We see that liek alien species introduced into different habitats destroy the structure of balance.  Take those weird chinese fish in Maryland or wherever they are, or zebra mollusks in Michigan!  Look at iPods!  Years ago I had a creative nomad.  It didn't even have a SCREEN just a case and three buttons, play/pause, skip, volume!  Now look, iPods!  Haha, please don't base all evolution on that... but in a way technology is evolution.  HDTV didn't exist when I was a kid, hell i was lucky enough to get the bunny ears to pick up Fox11 which is 10minutes from my house! Haha!

P.S. I can't wait to watch the Sarah Silverman Program!

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