ROCKST*R (blenderboi) wrote,

Zoinkers! BatmAn!

Well, at least I do have the internet back now for a few months- haha!  So I can't blame being offline for not posting.  I can't believe I've neglected my LJ!  I've had this thing for I don't know how long ever since I got the internet I believe-haha I've met so many people through it (well, not as many as MySpace b/c well- I use that more).

Just anymore, I don't have a whole lot to post about, I guess I could start posting a little more and all that fun stuff... I do miss reading other people's journal's tho I have to admit to that one!  SORRY I'M A SLACKER!!!! =-O

Not liek I'm betraying journal writing all together, mySpace journal as gotten the slouch and so has my real one as well... *thinks* I'm not even sure where my real one is-haha!  
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