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I live the American Dream... nothing is what it seems
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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

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The worse thing is...

No, this won't contain some Ellen DeGeneres quote in it (anymore), well, ok maybe I'll throw another in somewhere. I'm just saying the worse thing is... y'know.

It's not that I am bitching (ok, yeah it is) just that is there such thing as unluck?  I do believe that there is.  Fore, I have it, I am unlucky.  Sure in one sense everything could be worse.  I'm not dieing of some unknown disease(that i know of, at least) I'm not in jail(yet), and I don't have alimony to pay... but I just have unlucky-ness.  I'm not a very lucky person anymore.  When I was a kid, I think I had good luck but bad situations... i was a fatty w/ a bad abusive homelife... BUT I rocked that stuffed animal crane liek it was my job, usually won almost any lil contest I entered and the FoxKids money machine, never less than $100! 

But, the past few years, nothing.  Sure, I got into Duquesne but then I fell into a spiral and lost my scholarship, lol.  I just want to give some examples to back my reasoning.  Within less than 9months my car was broken into 3 times!  (out of the total 5times in a whole year, who knew Buick Century's were such a target!)  The first time my window was broke and they stole my Alpine CD player all my CDs and everything else down to the pocket change in my car door handle.  The second time, well... there was nothing IN my car to steal b/c it was only a few months later and I dind't have a stereo still (just a hole) nor did I keep anything in it, but I did get a busted window, so I guess it was more "unluck" for the creeps busting into my car and getting nothing-haha!  It's liek getting caught for stealing gum from Wal*Mart, still a crime but for 89cent gum!  The 3rd time was in January when they stold my checkbook/wallet and my Laptop.  That was horrible b/c I lsot all my pics, programs and physical/digital memories of Pittsburgh.... but they didn't take my $500 coat, the 4unopened bottles of alcohol or my digital camera, lol... so there's some luck, I guess. 

When I was in Chicago we went ice skating, drunk.  I fell n hurt my butt and my right knee.  In two weeks I've bumped it 7times.  Today, I was runnin' through my house and BAM right into the door frame it went, not half hour later I sat down to type this did I bump it into my computer desk pulling my seat up!!!   Oh, and while writing this, Ihave a 5tealight mirror/glass candle holder... yeah I knocked if off my TV and broke it.  Oh, and my refund from Enterprise is 10hours late to my bank account and so I over-drafted expecting it to be there.  I guess that's more of a fault almost than unluck b/c I should never assume something will be done when I'm told it will be.  Liek cake, it's never done in the 27mins it says! 

Not that it can't be worse, b/c it always can.  Liek after i totaled my Buick I started driving my mom's Lincoln-well that's dead now, I killed it not putting oil in it.... so now I drive my dad's old 1980something Subaru work car that smells liek his work, I mean it could break down *knocks on wood it doesn't*... that would just be a stick up the ass.  Or that I haven't worked at Express in two weeks b/c they won't schedule me when I can be tehre due to my other job and mini-trips-those fuckers.  My heater decided to stop staying on after 5minutes and shut off and cool down for thirty before i can turn it on again so I freeze at night, lol... and i CANNOT keep that damn mink comforter on my, it always slides off- haha! 

I don't think it's bad luck really.. b/c I'd bleed or liek break a bone with ad luck... I just have unluck- haha.  Yet... I'm still generally a happy person, so I guess that's good.  Just ask anyone who knows me, I'm always injuring myself or something on an hourly basis... so now, I will just curl up in my bed and read my Cosmo!  Oh wait, Real housewives of Orange County!

...really?  I have a problem with procrastination, too!
"Really?  Get my sammich!"  (there's Ellen)

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