ROCKST*R (blenderboi) wrote,


So after waiting liek three weeks for my HRC band to come in the mail b/c it wa son back-order and all that other shit.  I got it today.  It looks just liek it did in the photo and it's neat.  But, it's ugly as hell!  Haha

I went out to The Stonewall last night for the first time in liek 5 months.  It's great seeing people that remember me.   It's also great knowing I still kick ass and I'm easy to spot b/c I'm giant and I radiate, LMFAO!  Or something someone told me last night I don't remember.  

I still had a BLAST though, and i'm happy I went.  I'm going again tonight, I think.  I also met a lot of new people!  Unfortunately for all my loving friends (or rather FORTUNATELY) I didn't do any drunk dailing or texting.  Well... Chad but I knew he was calling, lol.   

Anyways I need to go on a diet, as always, but seriously this time.  I need to change my eating habits.  I went back to eating late and snacking a lot and put on weight.  But, I'm working on that now, and in the past few days I've fluctuated back down by 4 pounds which I'm so glad when I saw that lower number on teh scale-haha.  

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